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Personal tailoring

What do you desire the most? Vest as perfect as military uniform from Great Britain, light and natural italian "soft look" or maybe you prefer convenience of american style?

Our tailoring studio is capable of fulfiling your expectations, thanks to our competence in tailoring suits, tailcoats, tuxedos and frock coats.

Our products are tailored from fabrics and additionals of finest quality, provided by world-class producers: Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Hugo Boss, Cerruti. We offer wide variety of pure-wool fabrics and combinations of wool and silk, which are guaranteed to be comfortable in wear and provide extraordinary visual impressions.

A key to success is ideal fit of suit to man's physique by keeping balance of proportion between width of vest, its length and fashion, length of sleeves and trousers. Old tailoring motto says "if you have to, compromise on quality, never on proportions". Only personal tailoring provides such possibility.

Tailored suit reflects not only man's silhouette, but his personality and lifestyle - it's a picture of professed values.

Our assistance is provided to you in Poland and other countries of Europe. If you wish to obtain more information, please contact us at phone number +48 607 097 405.